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So nobody was that surprised to see Imran get kicked off MasterChef

Fans aired their views in the series’ last round of quarter-final knockouts.

MasterChef hopeful Imran has been booted off the competition in the final episode of this week’s knockouts.

The dentist failed to impress the judges with his questionable combination of chocolate and blackberry with undercooked venison.

Host John Torode said the meat was so raw inside that he would “send it back” at a restaurant, summarising simply: “I don’t like it.”

In the final episode before the semi-finals kick off next week, viewers were not surprised to see the back of Imran.

He has held a precarious foothold in the BBC One competition lately, with many saying he should have left the contest earlier.

As the selection of hopefuls was whittled down to nine, Friday night’s show was especially successful for Alison and Steve, who both earned “star dish” accolades.

Alison impressed with her offering of pigeon breast with an array of parsnip and bacon-based trimmings, while Steve made the only fish dish of the evening – a cod loin with squid ink and handmade crab cannelloni.

Before even tasting it, Gregg Wallace said: “I’m tempted to stick a frame around that. Stunning.”

But the famously sweet-toothed presenter was less impressed by Lorna’s grapefruit-based pudding.

After John predicted that the sweet-bitter balance would be tricky to get right, both judges said the dish was too sweet.

But Lorna refused to accept anything was wrong with her family favourite, saying: “I would happily eat it. If they don’t like it, then, tough.”


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