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Sony announces Interview figures

The controversial film The Interview has made more than 31 million dollars (£20.5 million) from its online and on-demand release, according to Sony Pictures.

The studio announced digital figures for the film spanning its first 11 days of release since its US release on December 24.

Sony had previously said the film made 15 million dollars (£9.9 million) in its first four days online, so demand for the Seth Rogen comedy has slightly declined as Sony has added more platforms.

While 31 million dollars constitutes the most lucrative digital release for a Hollywood film, The Interview stood to make more in a wide theatrical release.

It had originally been forecast to earn about 30 million dollars (£19.8 million) in its opening weekend alone.

Still, the significant total represents a sizeable recoup for Sony after the film appeared dead.

After hackers the FBI have said are North Korean threatened violence in cinemas showing the film, North America's top theatre chains pulled out of showing The Interview and Sony cancelled its release entirely.

But cobbled-together release in independent cinemas and digital outlets has proven modestly successful.

Playing in select cinemas, The Interview has made about 5 million dollars (£3.3 million) in two weeks.

It is currently showing in 558 cinemas, far less than the approximately 3,000 it originally planned to open in.

Sony has steadily increased digital operators in the last week, adding cable on-demand providers to a range of streaming options like YouTube and iTunes. The studio said the film has been rented, streamed or purchased 4.3 million times.

While the grosses will be divided with each distributor, Sony could potentially earn back the roughly 40 million dollar (£26.3 million) production budget for the comedy.


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