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Sophie Faldo: ‘Hesitation’ about new roles for women in armed forces ‘outdated’

She said her military training helped her win Bake Off.

Great British Bake Off champion Sophie Faldo has called “hesitation” about opening up new roles for women in the armed forces “outdated”.

Earlier this year, the Royal Air Force became the first military service to open up all roles, including ground close combat, to men and women.

Next year, more positions will be created for women in all branches of the military.

Faldo, 34, who served as an Army officer and was deployed to Kenya, Israel and Afghanistan, told Forces TV: “I’m really glad to see the roles being opened up to women.”

Sophie Faldo during her military career (Sourced by Forces TV)

The Bake Off star, who now serves as a reservist, said: “I understand the hesitation being felt by men, but I believe it to be misinformed and outdated.

“I think it is true to say that your strongest woman will never be as strong as your strongest man, but your strongest woman will be light years ahead of your weakest man!”

She added: “Women who want to join the RAC or infantry want to do so because they want to be judged on a level playing field to their male counterparts. No-one wants to see the entry standard dropped … and there is simply no need to do so.”

Sophie Faldo during her military career (Sourced by Forces TV)

Faldo said: “We were all perfectly capable, were more than adequately fit and we just got on with it. Women have been doing these roles for decades.”

She said her military training meant she did not get flustered on the Channel 4 show, adding: “It was a big factor in helping me do so well.”


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