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Spall: My marriage not like film

Rafe Spall has revealed he had a much better first year of marriage than his character in I Give It A Year.

The actor, who wed former Hollyoaks actress Elize du Toit in 2010, stars alongside Rose Byrne in the movie about a newlywed couple struggling to make their marriage work.

But dad-of-two Rafe said: "You know what, I didn't have that experience of it being tough because we got pregnant on honeymoon. So we had a baby in the first year and Elize was pregnant so that was a distraction from the trial of the first year of marriage."

He also confessed to having attended the nuptials of couples he didn't think would last.

"I've been to loads of weddings where I've thought 'Na I just don't buy it'," he said.

"I think because people get married for the wrong reasons - they want a big party and a big do and that sort of thing."


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