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Springwatch asks gardeners to ‘love’ stinging nettles

The plant causes a painful sting.

Michaela Strachan (BBC/Jo Charlesworth)
Michaela Strachan (BBC/Jo Charlesworth)

TV show Springwatch wants gardeners to “love and appreciate” stinging nettles.

The BBC show will air a film on Wednesday night urging people to think of the plant, which usually causes a painful sting, in a new light.

The clip will say that the “nettle patch is a jungle metropolis, hiding a secret community of life.”

Programme Name: Springwatch – TX: n/a – Episode: n/a (No. n/a) – Picture Shows: Presenters Michaela Strachan – (C) BBC – Photographer: Pete Dadds

Nettles are said to play host to more than 40 species of insect, including butterfly and moth caterpillars.

They are also a place for ladybirds to lay their eggs, but are usually thought of as weeds.

“We’re trying to inspire people to ‘rewild’ their gardens,” host Michaela Strachan said.

“Nettles are amazing things. We want people to really love and appreciate nettles because they support an incredible amount of wildlife.”

“Not only are we going to encourage people to leave them in their garden but encourage them to plant them in their garden”, she told BBC Breakfast.

“Spare a space for a stinging nettle patch, it will attract a whole host of tiny garden guests,” the programme will say.



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