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Stallone back to roots in Reach Me

Sylvester Stallone has revealed how much he enjoyed playing a less physically demanding role in his latest movie.

The Rocky star takes on the role of a website editor in Reach Me, a film about a motivational book that inspires a group of people to re-evaluate their lives.

The role is a marked contrast to his best known, more action-packed performances in The Expendables franchise, boxing classic Rocky or action thrillers Rambo or Cliffhanger.

Speaking at the Los Angeles premiere of the low budget film, the 69-year-old Expendables actor said he was happy to return to his roots.

He added: "It was the way I started out actually, I only got into the physical aspect by accident. I never thought Rocky would go beyond one film and Rambo had been turned down by 11 other actors, I was the twelfth guy they chose so it wasn't supposed to happen but once I did I tried to follow the genre for 30 years so it was great to get a chance to go back to what I did originally.

"I have no regerets. Well ok, I have a few, but who doesn't?"

Sly said he also had experience with reading self-help books but none had much of an impact on him.

"In college I would read The Prophet and get caught up in transcendental meditation. We really got beat up with this estoterica back then, especially Sartre and existentialism, but it prepared me for nothing actually, it had no bearing on my life but was interesting reading."

The veteran actor was joined on the red carpet by his co-stars Kelsey Grammer and Kevin Connolly, who are best known for their work in TV shows Frasier and Entourage respectively.

Also in the movie but absent from the premiere were Kyra Sedgwick, Tom Berenger, rapper Nelly and Machete star Danny Trejo.

The movie will be released on DVD in the UK in February 2015.


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