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Star took parents to Nymphomaniac


Stacy Martin makes her acting debut as a sex addict in Nymphomaniac

Stacy Martin makes her acting debut as a sex addict in Nymphomaniac

Stacy Martin makes her acting debut as a sex addict in Nymphomaniac

The actress who plays the lead role of a sex addict in controversial new film Nymphomaniac, featuring real sex scenes, has revealed she took her parents along to a screening.

Stacy Martin, a 22-year-old former model who makes her acting debut in the role of Joe in Lars Von Trier's new film, said she sat with them to help put them at ease.

Stacy stars with Shia LaBeouf, Uma Thurman, Christian Slater and Jamie Bell in the Danish director's four-hour epic - which has been divided into two parts for cinematic release - although porn actor body doubles are used for scenes featuring real sex.

Charlotte Gainsbourg plays an older Joe who recounts her life story to an old man she meets, played by Stellan Skarsgard.

Stacy said of her parents: "They had to see it, because it's been everywhere, I think they would have been quite confused and scared.

"So I just mentioned, 'I'm doing the new Lars Von Trier film... it's called Nymphomaniac.' 'Oh what are you going to be playing?'. 'The nymphomanic.' Oh OK ... OK, good...'

"But they were really supportive, thank God," she said in an interview with the Press Association.

Stacy, who began working as a model aged 18, admitted it was a strange experience having her body matched up with a porn actor double.

"I met my porn double, I didn't discuss the scenes with them," she said.

"We discussed a lot about the scenes before getting on set. There was a lot of contracts and a lot of terms we had to respect. And we talked about them a lot with Lars because it was important to be on the same page. And then we just did the scenes and then the porn double did the scenes for real."

Stacy thinks audiences will be surprised by the film.

"I think because people have been so focused on the controversy side of the film they don't really know what to expect. I think they're just expecting a crazy porn movie, and when they see the movie everyone comes back and says, 'It's so funny! And there's a story!' Yes - it's a film!"

Co-star Shia has also raised eyebrows for his bizarre behaviour while promoting the film at the Berlin Film Festival.

He attended the premiere wearing a paper bag over his head, with the words "I'm not famous anymore" written on it. And he stormed out of a press conference for the movie after answering just one question, with a quote from French footballer Eric Cantona.

Stacy said: "I don't know. He seems to be in his own world and I had no clue what was going to happen. I thought it was hilarious. It was my first film festival and then that happened. But I think only he has the answer to what he's doing."

Stellan added: "Whether this is a way of revolting against how celebrity is portrayed in the media, or whether it comes out of some kind insecurity, whether he's feeling bad or whatever, I don't know. But I will be loyal with him."

The two parts of the erotic movie, Volume I and Volume II, will be shown back to back, screened simultaneously in cinemas nationwide on February 22.

The viewing will be followed by on-stage interviews with Stellan and Stacy, hosted by Edith Bowman and broadcast live via satellite from the Curzon Chelsea in London to a number of cinemas around the UK.

For tickets and information visit: www.Nymphomaniac-Film.com