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Star Wars' Boyega addresses critics

John Boyega has hit back at some Star Wars fans who suggested they weren't happy with a black stormtrooper.

Film fans got their first glimpse of the eagerly awaited Star Wars: The Force Awakens last week when a teaser trailer was unveiled online, and it showed British actor John, breathless and panicked, as he stood in a desert landscape dressed as a stormtrooper.

While most Star Wars fans seemed thrilled with the trailer, a few commented on the actor playing a stormtrooper, saying it wasn't right because the sci-fi soldiers are meant to be clones of Jango Fett, who isn't black.

However, the actor appears to have been unfazed, and addressed both fans and critics in a message on Instagram, saying: "Thank you for all the love and support! The fan mail and fan art has added to my joy! Isn't it crazy that Star Wars is actually happening? I'm in the movie but as a star wars fan I am very excited! A year is a long time but it will be worth the wait.

"To whom it may concern... Get used to it.:)"

The trailer was apparently viewed more than 40 million times in the 72 hours since it was released, and has spawned parodies such as a Lego version and one which guesses how it would have looked if Star Wars creator George Lucas had directed it.

The film series is being rebooted by director JJ Abrams, who breathed new life into the Star Trek franchise.

The film is due for release on December 18, 2015.


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