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Star Wars 'old guard' made it like a school reunion, says Carrie Fisher

Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher has described returning to the role of Princess Leia with her original colleagues as being like a school reunion.

As Hollywood prepares to host one of the most anticipated film premieres in its history with screenings of The Force Awakens on Monday, Fisher said she has had to "censor" herself so as not to reveal any details.

She told the Sunday Express magazine: "I understand - there is just this insane interest.

"People grew up with these characters, so it's their childhoods."

On working with Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill again, as well as newer faces, she said: "The new actors are great.

"We're like the old guard who come back and we have a reunion and they're the freshmen."

Fisher - the daughter of singer Eddie Fisher and actress Debbie Reynolds - reflected on the perils of being born into fame.

She said: "There should be a term for what celebrity children go through, which is narcissistic deprivation."

She admitted as a child she resented never being able to be with her mother in public and being "swept aside" by the paparazzi.

Fisher's own daughter, 23-year-old Billie, has a role in the new film but was not a fan of the originals. She joked: "I showed my daughter one of the Star Wars movies when she was six or seven, and she basically just said 'It's too loud'."

Describing now being used to fan attention, Fisher said: "Most people are really nice, even if you're tattooed on their arm."


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