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Star Wars superfan offers £35-a-night stay at home shrine to film franchise

A Star Wars superfan is offering people the chance to stay at his house which he has turned into a shrine to the sci-fi films.

Postman Dave Oldbury, 46, has spent around £150,000 on his Star Wars collection, including toys, posters, action figures, books and life-size Storm Troopers.

He has amassed almost 9,000 cast and crew autographs after roaming the world searching for the film franchise's biggest stars, including Sir Alec Guinness.

And he has adorned his body with tattoos of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader. The garage of his three-bedroom semi in Southampton, Hampshire, is packed with more than 500 figurines from the film series.

Now, for £35 a night, Mr Oldbury is inviting fans to stay at his home next month, via, ahead of the UK cinema release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

He has listed a few house rules, including restricting lightsaber use to outdoors only and to not use the side passage because "that path leads to the Dark side".

He said: "I became a fan of the franchise as a schoolboy after watching the first film in 1977 when I was eight years old. Since then I've scoured the world in search of meeting cast members from the various films.

"I have lots of stories to share from hanging out with my heroes and I look forward to giving my guests the inside scoop."


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