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Starlet Stone welcomes meatier role

Emma Stone has revealed how she was attracted to new film The Help because it offered her a much meatier role than those usually available to young Hollywood starlets.

The 22-year-old - who also appears alongside Andrew Garfield in the upcoming big budget Spider-Man remake - plays an ambitious writer who decides to document the experiences of black maids in 1960s Mississippi.

Speaking at a drinks reception ahead of the film's London premiere, Emma said: "I like any role that feels human and alive and not just the girl or the comedic relief or something boxed in and stereotyped.

"It was really great that I not just wanted to be part of the movie, but got to be a part of it."

The red-haired star, wearing a beaded white polka dot dress, also revealed her character's corkscrew curls were thanks to a well-woven wig.

"I put it on in the morning and I took it off at the end of the night," Emma added. "My hair is stick, stick straight and I look like a drowned rat in humidity, so I was actually really appreciative of those curls."

She said of shooting the film: "It was just really amazing. We were filming in Mississippi and it felt like the least movie-ish set that I've ever been on, everybody was working towards a common goal.

"It felt like that on Spider-Man too, but it just was a totally different kind of film."


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