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Statham: Homefront role a privilege

Jason Statham revealed he felt honoured to be offered the lead in Homefront by Sylvester Stallone himself.

The thriller was penned by action legend Sylvester Stallone, who handpicked the British star to play a former drug enforcement agent who comes out of retirement when his community is threatened by local dealers.

Jason - who recently wrapped filming on the flick in New Orleans - told Collider: "He actually wrote it for himself, which is, for me, an amazing privilege. To be handed a script by Sly that he wrote for himself, that he asked me to do. It's like wow; this is a real career moment.

"This is an Academy Award-winning writer. Yeah, he wrote it for himself and he handed it to me, so for me it was a tremendous thing."

Jason said the cast of the movie was testament to the quality of Sly's script.

"It's got James Franco, Winona Ryder, Kate Bosworth, we have a great cast... I think you get quality actors and that's all dependent on how good the material is.

"You get good writing and they all want to come and work."


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