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Stellan: Branagh's Cinderella fun

Stellan Skarsgard has confessed he had fun playing a nasty character in Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella.

The Nymphomaniac star plays the Duke in the new Disney film adaptation of the traditional fairytale, starring Downton Abbey's Lily James.

Stellan said: "I'm the man who actually runs the country, a very nasty guy. It's fun."

The 62-year-old Swedish actor said what he liked about the new film was it stayed true to the traditional fairytale, insisting there was no need to update or reboot the classic story.

Stellan said: "I've done a lot of Disney films, but this is more traditional Disney and it's also not a new take on Cinderella, it is the actual story about a very, very good girl.

"And it is a story that has fascinated mankind for years. And I like that you don't try to modernise it, you do it as pure and fairytale like as it is.

"It's my second time collaborating with Kenneth Branagh and I like him a lot and I have a lot of fun working with him. I hope the film becomes as nice as I think it can become."


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