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Stephen Fry: Bafta after-parties 'pretty sober' nowadays

Stephen Fry has said Bafta parties have been tamed in recent years due to "buttoned-up and puritanical" guests.

The host of the awards bash said the stars tend to be on their best behaviour and stick to just one drink.

Fry, 58, will be presenting the glittering ceremony for the 11th time on Sunday night.

Appearing on The Jonathan Ross Showon Saturday night, he said: "It is an odd thing that... after the Baftas all the parties are pretty sober and people behave.

"People have one little drink and that's about it really, but if you went back to 20 years ago, 25 years ago, it was a very different story and I don't know why that is.

"Obviously I have to say it is true that I don't do much of that kind of thing any more as I used to, and so it's not as if I really regret other people stopping but I wonder why it is, just as an intellectual, or if not exactly intellectual, a curious social question as to why... now everybody is so buttoned-up and puritanical."

Ross suggested that the reason for the change could be that people worry about camera phones, and Fry said: "That is a very good point, that is a lot to do with it, isn't it?"

Fry spoke about his first year of marriage to husband Elliott Spencer and said "it gets better every day".

He told the show: "I still am (married). I think that may be a record in show business... It's fabulous."

Bashing his ring against the desk to make a noise, Fry added: "That's my ring. It's terrific, it gets better every day. I'll sound really childish if I keep doing this but it's like a miracle really, it's just such a wonderful thing.

"It ought not to make that much difference, it's merely the state recognising a relationship that could exist without the state recognising it and yet it does make a difference somehow, not because the state recognises it but because you somehow just become connected to all the people in history who have been married before."


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