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Stephen Fry: I'm not James May

Stephen Fry has grumbled that he keeps being mistaken for Top Gear star James May.

The actor, writer and presenter is currently in New Zealand, filming his role in The Hobbit.

He wrote: "Morning all. Screen testing of wigs costumes etc today. The sooner I get my hair (cut) the better. Half NZ convinced I'm James May."

Stephen, who plays Master of Laketown in the Peter Jackson film, added: "If I deny being James May then am I Jeremy Clarkson?

"I say neither 'but you're on Top Gear?' 'Well I've been on Top Gear'... Aah."

He added: "A damned good haircut should end this. I'm hoping."

Stephen said of his character in The Hobbit: "Marvellous wardrobe and make-up fittings.

"I am sworn to utmost secrecy and non-tweeting or uploading of pix, I'm afraid so no use begging!"


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