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Stephens: Odd working with Machine


Toby Stephens stars as a scientist in The Machine

Toby Stephens stars as a scientist in The Machine

Toby Stephens stars as a scientist in The Machine

Toby Stephens has admitted the nude scenes in new sci fi movie The Machine felt desexualised because his co-star was meant to be a robot.

The former Bond villain stars in the new British film as a scientist working on the development of a conscious fighting machine, an experiment that goes terribly wrong. Co-star Caity Lotz plays the machine who has a female body and killer instinct.

Toby said: "It was very odd, because I'd be doing scenes with Caity where she'd be naked but she was playing a machine and somehow it totally altered how the scene would be if she was playing a human being. Because her nakedness was totally immaterial, because I was dealing with a machine. It was desexualised in a way.

"And she was so convincing and she would remain in the role. Because it's not one of those things you want to switch on and off."

The actor admitted the film raised disturbing questions as to how dangerous it was to create machines that could think for themselves.

But after spending time away from his family last year filming new pirate drama Black Sails on location in South Africa, Toby admitted he relied on technology a lot.

He said: "Technology is amazing. Earlier on this year when I was away in South Africa filming my new TV show Black Sails I spent a lot of time using Skype and Facetime with my family. Mostly watching my children pull faces at themselves!

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"Still it is amazing that I can be in Cape Town and yet I can look at my family in real time. It's amazing and one can very quickly loose sight of how amazing technology is."

:: The Machine is released in cinemas and on VoD on March 21 and on DVD/Blu-ray on March 31.

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