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Stewart: I like to keep it real

Kristen Stewart has revealed she never wants to "become a commodity".

The Snow White And The Huntsman actress is famous all over the world after starring in the Twilight movies, but insists she will never sell out.

"When you make moving pictures, it's so easy to become disingenuous. It's so easy to just become a commodity, and I think that's so embarrassing," she told the Guardian.

The actress, who is dating her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, said she could see similarities between Bella Swan from the hit vampire franchise, and her latest character Snow White.

"There's a stage of life represented in both movies that is so impassioned, and it doesn't know why yet. Do you know what I mean? That was what I really liked about Bella," she added.

"The fact that she trusted that at some point these feelings are going to make sense, and that she's not going to let everyone tell her she's f***ing crazy."


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