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Stewart needed to finish Twilight

Kristen Stewart has revealed she is glad to take the Twilight Saga to the very end.

The 22-year-old actress, who found fame playing Bella Swan in the fantasy films, admitted she doesn't feel like she has to draw a line underneath it and her future projects.

"The reason you start a project is to finish it - you want the story out so you can breathe by the time you finish something. This is just extended, intense and really indulgent, and I needed to see it through to the end. I would have gone nuts if we couldn't finish the story," she said.

Kristen - who stars as the sword-wielding princess in Snow White And The Huntsman - is happy that she got the opportunity to do various films in between breaks.

"I did a movie in between every Twilight movie, and they were all really different and challenging. I had no desire to prove to people that I could do different stuff," she continued.

"I just got lucky and got different jobs. I was also able to switch it up. I feel like it's really nice to look back on it but I'm also relieved that the story has finally been told," she added.

:: Snow White And The Huntsman is in cinemas now.


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