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Stewart seals friendship with kiss

Long-time friends Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart were reunited at the premiere of Mr Holmes.

The actors, who played rivals Magneto/Erik Lensherr and Professor X/Charles Xavier in the X-Men films and starred together in the play Waiting For Godot, hugged outside the Odeon Kensington cinema in London, which was transformed into Baker Street.

Sir Patrick even planted a kiss on his friend's lips.

Sir Ian, who plays the 93-year-old version of detective Sherlock Holmes in Bill Condon's drama, was joined by co-stars Laura Linney, Patrick Kennedy, Hattie Monaghan and young actor Milo Parker as well as Condon, whom he previously worked with on Gods And Monsters.

The 76-year-old star said he plans to work less in the future.

"I'm not giving up, not retiring and shutting the door but doing less, yes," he said.

"When you don't work you can do lovely things like see friends, go to the theatre and travel. I like doing all those things so I don't aim to work 12 months of the year."

He added: "In fact I'm on holiday now!"

Sir Ian also admitted he was taken aback when he saw his ageing self on screen.

"It was a dream job. I wanted the challenge of being convincing enough as a 93-year-old because I'm old but not that old," he said.

"The makeup took about 40 minutes. It was alarming how convincing I was as a 93-year-old."

His co-stars spoke highly of him.

"He's a lot of fun - and he's fantastic to get down and dirty with as long as the work is concerned," said Linney.

Parker added: "He made things more fun because he's really funny and he's an amazing actor so we gained a close relationship. "

Condon, who will reunite with Sir Ian for the Disney live action remake of Beauty And The Beast, added: "It's an icon playing an icon. Holmes is one of the smartest characters ever invented and Ian's got quite a fierce talent."

Mr Holmes opens in UK cinemas on June 19.


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