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Stiller: Directing is my focus now

Ben Stiller has said he feels more at home being a director than an actor.

The star recently got behind the camera to make The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty, the forthcoming film which he also stars in with Kristen Wiig and Sean Penn.

But he's been best known for his star roles in the likes of Meet the Fockers, Zoolander and Night At The Museum.

Asked if he'd ever lost his way in his career, The Hollywood Reporter quoted Ben as saying: "I've had this parallel career as an actor, and I've always personally felt more like a director.

"That's what I've enjoyed the most and what I've always wanted to do since I was a kid."

Ben, who also directed Tropic Thunder in 2008 and Zoolander in 2001, added at a directors' roundtable: "Over the years, I felt I started to make a certain kind of movie - comedies - which I love, but I've always loved drama, I've always loved all different genres.

"When Mitty came along, it sort of opened up for me the filmmaking experience: 'This is what I should be doing now'."


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