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Stone is Crowe's new leading lady

Emma Stone is set to play the leading lady in a new love story from Cameron Crowe.

The Amazing Spider-Man star has closed a deal to appear in the Jerry Maguire director's next film, written and directed by Crowe and due to be filmed next spring, Deadline reports.

It is said to be a film for two major roles and the male lead has not been cast yet. Nothing has been confirmed about the plot, but the tone will apparently be reminiscent of Crowe's past successes Almost Famous and Jerry Maguire.

EmipireOnline has speculated that the project could be the director's Deep Tiki, which previously had Ben Stiller and Reese Witherspoon attached to star.

The male lead is a secluded military type who lives alone, working with a supercomputer. He gets an assignment to help with a satellite launch, and has to work with an meticulous liaison, employed to help him persuade local Hawaiian spiritual elders to get a blessing from their gods.

But Crowe is known to have several scripts in the pipeline.


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