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Strictly Come Dancing stardust casts spell on Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe would do Strictly Come Dancing because he says it would make his parents proud.

Radcliffe, who made a name for himself playing the bespectacled wizard from JK Rowling's books, said when if he had to pick a reality show to do, then the BBC One show is top of his list.

"I guess Strictly, because at least my mum and dad would be proud," he told Radio Times. "But it's not an option!"

He will soon be back on the small screen in BBC Two's new factual drama, The Gamechangers.

"It's the story of the computer game Grand Theft Auto, which was a huge part of my life growing up."

"I play Sam Houser, one of the guys who invented it. But I never had any idea about the detail of the trouble the guys got into, or even that it was such a British story."

Serious drama aside, he said his earliest childhood memories of TV is running home to watch The Simpsons, which he has subsequently been in.

He also revealed the show he misses the most when travelling is Come Dine With Me.

"I watch a lot of it. It's all down to the voiceover guy, Dave Lamb. Other versions in different countries just aren't as good."

His latest movie project is Victor Frankenstein, which sees him starring alongside James McAvoy, playing Igor Strausman, protege to McAvoy's scientist character Victor Frankenstein.

Since Harry Potter ended in 2011, Radcliffe has gone on to star in what many have termed are considered 'darker roles' for the wizard boy wonder.

He starred in the theatre show, Equus, in 2007, raising eyebrows somewhat as the role required him to go naked on stage.

He's also since starred in Kill Your Darlings and the horror movie, Woman in Black.

"I choose scripts by asking: what is the experience that is going to make me most happy? I'm very lucky, but there's no grand career plan," he explains.

"Outside of Harry Potter or The Hunger Games, those kind of films that have a built-in fan base, it's impossible to know if a film is going to be successful."

"So you just have to pick those you feel passionate about."


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