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Strictly’s Susan Calman: I can be both kick ass lesbian and bombshell in dress

She said being both was the joy of taking part in Strictly Come Dancing.

Strictly Come Dancing star Susan Calman has said she can be “both a kick ass time travelling lesbian and a bombshell in a dress.”

The comedian added that duality is the joy of taking part in the dancing competition.

She tweeted photographs of herself side by side, one showing her dressed in a suit with a tie and the other  in a dress and heels at the launch of Strictly.

She captioned them: “Both of these pictures are of me. I can be both a kick ass time travelling lesbian and a bombshell in a dress. That’s the joy of Strictly.”

The message was liked by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.

Calman had previously replied to a tweet from a fan, which read: “But I’ve just been listening to you on radio iPlayer banging on about loving brogues and tweeds! Which is it?!?”

She responded saying: “That show was recorded 5 years ago. People change. I’ve changed. I think that’s ok.”

Her Strictly co-star Reverend Richard Coles asked her to dress in her suit on the show, writing: “PLEASE bring the look on the left to Strictly too!

Calman replied: “Done. Let’s dance together. Even if we’re not meant to.”

Calman previously told the Press Association her dancing shoes were “instruments of torture”, adding she had not worn a dress since she was 17.


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