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Stripping is freeing for model Deyn

Agyness Deyn has revealed that she enjoyed taking her clothes off in Pusher.

The model-turned-actress plays stripper Flo in Luis Prieto's English language remake of Nicolas Winding Refn's Danish thriller.

"The stripping scenes were really fun because they were very liberating," said the 29-year-old.

"I'm doing the part as Flo, I'm not playing me. That's why Flo strips - she doesn't want to be herself, she wants to be this other person because she doesn't know who she is. I really enjoyed doing that bit of her," she added.

A self-confessed tomboy, Agyness liked Flo's girly wardrobe, saying: "I always dress like a little boy. That's why it's really nice to play Flo because she's nothing like me.

"Flo is quite a delicate flower, quite vulnerable and child-like. She's very feminine, sexy in an innocent way, sensual and delicate. She's quite a dreamer and is like a beacon of light in the whole film."

Agyness revealed she bonded easily with her co-star Richard Coyle, partly due to their northern backgrounds. She is from Lancashire, while he was born in Sheffield.

"I didn't know him before but, you know, we're both northern so it's as if we've known each other our whole lives. It's like I've met my long-lost brother!" she said.

She joked: "He's amazing. He's a bit hot, ain't he? So that makes it a bit easier, since Flo's madly in love."

:: Pusher opens in cinemas on October 12.


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