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Strong: Grimsby film an experience

Mark Strong has admitted working with Sacha Baron Cohen on his new film Grimsby has been "insane".

The Ali G and Borat star's latest film tells the story of a reformed football hooligan (Sacha) forced to go on the run with his brother - a suave secret agent played by Kingsman star Mark.

Mark revealed: "It's insane. It's an amazing experience. He's very, very funny. He's very hard working, very driven, and it was enjoyable and exasperating and difficult and interesting and hysterical all at the same time."

He added: "And it's still going on. I'm down there tomorrow morning at 5 o'clock, filming on a boat in Southampton. It's still going."

The Essex port of Tilbury has been doubling for north east coastal town Grimsby in the film, which began shooting last summer, and shooting also took place in South Africa.

The all-star cast includes Penelope Cruz, Rebel Wilson, Ian McShane, Gabourey Sidibe and Annabelle Wallis and the comedy is being directed by French action filmmaker Louis Leterrier.


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