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Sturgess: Upside Down is crazy

Jim Sturgess has revealed his upcoming film, Upside Down, is "bizarre".

The One Day star takes the lead as Adam alongside Kirsten Dunst's Eve in the movie by Juan Diego Solanas.

"It's a crazy movie, it's bizarre. It's really hard to describe without being able to see any visual references," he said.

"It's a very visual film, dreamt up by this amazing Argentinian director called Juan Diego Solanas, who basically had a dream about these two people from two other worlds.

"It's not set in the future so it's not a sci-fi space movie. But it is set in an alternative possibility of life, where these two worlds are on top of each other. It's about the love story of the two people in the two different worlds, where gravity gets in the way."

Jim, who has starred alongside Hollywood's most beautiful actresses, including Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson and Evan Rachel Wood, doesn't go out searching for specific roles with bombshells.

"I don't sort of seek it out. I've been very lucky. Nearly in every film, there has been one great actress, and in one film, there were two," he added.

:: One Day is in cinemas now.


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