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Styler felt 'spoilt' by film role

Trudie Styler enjoyed playing a glamour puss in Paris Connections - because she got to spend time in her favourite city.

The Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels producer plays Olivia Hayes in the straight-to-DVD adaptation, based on Jackie Collins' novel LA Connections.

"It's lovely to be acting again, I love acting and I was delighted when Jackie Collins asked me to do this role in Paris Connections - it felt spoiling to do this glamorous Jackie Collins movie in Paris," she said.

"There's a lot of appeal, including shooting in Paris for three weeks, which is my favourite city. I got to visit my favourite restaurants and the working hours were quite civilised."

For Trudie, who is more often seen behind the camera these days, it was a refreshing change.

"It has been a dream interlude for me, because I produce these days and doing the job of a producer is quite hair-raising."

In Paris Connections, Trudie, who is married to Sting, gets to work with long-time friend Charles Dance.

"Charlie and I go back quite a few years. We acted together in a wonderful recital that I do with Sting called Twin Spirits, and we hung out a little then," she recalled.

"He's just a lovely person, really fun to be with, and he made being in Paris just much more cosy and fun. We had a lot of laughter on set."

:: Paris Connections will be available on DVD at Tesco from September 6.


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