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Sudeikis luck on We're The Millers

Jason Sudeikis has said he couldn't believe his luck on We're The Millers, where his co-star Jennifer Aniston has a stripping scene.

Jennifer plays a stripper pretending to be a suburban mum in the comedy film.

Jason, who plays a man attempting to pull off a huge drug deal, said of Jen's stripping scene: "It was another day at the office.

"When she did the bulk of it, it was a closed set but they had to film our reactions and we had to have something to react to, which was great!"

He added: "It is one of those silly things where you're like 'I do this for a living?' It was one of those moments."

Jason said of the former Friends star: "I have never seen her work out at all. She just looks that good... She's remarkable that way..."

The Horrible Bosses star agreed that the film's characters - drug dealers and strippers - may make the film a hard sell, but that made it a better challenge.

"I feel like that's my goal in life as an actor, to get across very unlikeable premises to an audiences - killing your bosses, smuggling drugs, cheating on your wife

"Whatever hard pill there is to swallow I feel I'm the water or sugar that allows the medicine to go down a little easier. That's why you cast one of the most likeable people in entertainment, Jennifer Aniston as your stripper, and get me to tag along to make goofy faces."

Will Poulter and Emma Roberts also star in the film, released in cinemas on August 23.


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