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Survival Of The Fittest crowns winning team

The girls and boys team went head-to-head in the Ultimate Team Challenge in the final.

Survival of the Fittest
Survival of the Fittest

The girls’ team has triumphed in Survival Of The Fittest, the new ITV2 reality show from the makers of Love Island.

The four women defeated the all-boys team in the final episode of the series after they completed the show’s ultimate team challenge in the quickest time.

During the final, contestant Mettisse Campbell was announced as the “fittest girl” as voted for by the public and was given the power to decided how the £40,000 prize money would be split.

She was offered the chance to share it with her teammates Jenny West, Mariam Musa, and Sam Dewhurst or split it with her boyfriend and boys’ team member Tristan Jones.

By deciding to share it with her teammates, each girl won £10,000 each.

Afterwards, Campbell said: “This win means that we have put everything together, in regards to teamwork, communication and unity and show girls out there that we are strong. Women can empower each other and that we can all stick together. ”

West added: “We’ve shown we have equality to men. Men are not above us, they are not better than us.

“No one is better than anyone, we are all equals.

“This could be a good dent in the feeling that women are not as strong as men. For all the girls out there watching, I hope we have done them proud.”

Dewhurst continued: “We have proved a point as well. Some men undermine and underestimate women. We’ve got so far and we’ve won.”

Campbell also said she was excited about pursuing her relationship with Jones now the series is over, saying: “Tristan and I have already discussed that he’s going home for a few days then he’s coming straight to Birmingham to see me.

“We’ve spoken about taking my dog for a walk, we’ve talked about going on holiday and where we want to go. I’m just excited to see what the future will bring. And we’ve been through so much together.”

Musa also expressed her hopes for the future with boys’ team contestant Warren Phillips.

She said: “Warren is obviously my boyfriend now since yesterday on the bridge. We have already planned when I’m going to see him.

“I’m going on Thursday! I really like him and I think he is a nice guy and I’m going for it.”

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