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Susanna Reid swerves on-air see-through fashion blunder

The TV star did a last-minute outfit change.


Susanna Reid (Ian West/PA)

Susanna Reid (Ian West/PA)

Susanna Reid (Ian West/PA)

Susanna Reid has revealed she had to do a last-minute outfit change before a live broadcast because she was worried her dress was see-through.

The TV star was sporting a sheer red dress minutes before ITV’s Good Morning Britain was due to start, when she decided to plump for a safer option.

She switched into a long-sleeved blue dress with white splotches and was back at her desk in time for the programme to start.

Co-star Ben Shephard shared side-by-side photos of Reid in both outfits and wrote: “Now that’s what you call a quick change!! Two mins between these pics – no messing around with @susannareid100.”

Reid added: “Just before 6am I thought the red dress was a little transparent,” including a facepalm emoji.

Earlier this week GMB presenter Charlotte Hawkins apologised to viewers after inadvertently showing her underwear live on air.

She said sorry to viewers after one tweeted the show to say her bra strap was visible through the open back of her dress.

Piers Morgan joked: “We are a family show, Charlotte. Maybe leave this for one of the numerous photoshoots that you have been doing.”