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Sutherland begged for Hunger Games

Donald Sutherland has revealed he campaigned to get the role of President Snow in The Hunger Games after reading the script.

The acting veteran revealed he loves reading screenplays - and reads scripts for films even if there is no role for him in them, just out of interest. But when he read first The Hunger Games script he loved it so much he petitioned Gary Ross who wrote and directed the first movie, for the part.

Donald explained: "I wasn't asked to do it. I'm an old actor and I love to read scripts and my agent, whenever a script comes across, whether there's a role in it for me or not, hands it off to me and says 'You're not allowed to have this, but look at it and send me your comments.'

"I read this, I didn't know of the books, I'd never heard of them, and I thought it was just the one script and I thought actually it was an animated picture.

"And I was overwhelmed with the possibilities - the political possibilities.

"And so when I found out it was live action I said, 'No matter what, please...' - he had only one line in it, it was not a part of any particular significance - but I asked, 'Please let me be a part of it.'

"I would like to be able to, at the end of my life, look back and say I was a part of that film that I believe will revolutionise the political situation in the United States and maybe even the rest of the world.

"And so I wrote a long letter describing what I thought the film was and they showed it to Gary Ross and he and Nina [Jacobson, the producer] hired me."

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 is out now.


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