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Tangled directors' hot man meetings

Tangled director Nathan Greno has revealed how "hot man" meetings were held to help create the film's lead male character Flynn Rider.

In Disney's latest animation, in which Zachary Levi voices the hunk, Nathan and his co-director Byron Howard chatted to their female colleagues to discover what physical qualities women like in men.

"We were trying to figure out our character Flynn Rider - our swashbuckling, handsome character. How do you make the ultimate man? What does he look like?" Nathan said.

"So we invited all the girls from around the studio to come in and asked them to bring pictures of who they thought were the hottest hunks in Hollywood. They came in and put the pictures up all over the walls, and then they proceeded to tear apart the hottest men in Hollywood."

He added: "They're making fun of these guys. They were like, this guy has a nice chin but he has blue eyes, don't give Flynn blue eyes."

It wasn't easy for Nathan and Byron to stay in the room during this time.

Nathan admitted: "It was very hard just being guys to be in the room because we're not the hottest guys in Hollywood. We had this really brutal meeting that was pretty hard to be in, but at the end of the day, we got our ultimate man with Flynn Rider out of it, so we're happy."

:: Tangled opens in cinemas on January 28.


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