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Tarantino: I'm a sucker for romcoms

Quentin Tarantino has confessed he loves a good romantic comedy.

The US director is known for making ultra-violent films such as Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction, but admitted he's a softie at heart.

Quentin told fans at a Yahoo! Movies event: "If I am on an aeroplane I love a rom-com, a Kate Hudson movie is exactly what I am looking for and I'll sit there and I'll cry... I think it's the altitude."

On his new revenge saga Django Unchained, the acclaimed filmmaker got the chance to work with Leonardo Di Caprio for the first time.

Praising the Titanic star, who plays a slave owner in the movie, Quentin said: "He literally rips into this role, like a dog rips into steak."

Quentin also said Django Unchained was "definitely the most expensive film I have made".


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