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Taron Egerton: I'm scared of dogs

Taron Egerton may play an action hero in Kingsman: Secret Service, but he has confessed he is scared of dogs.

The Welsh actor, who plays Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin in the new British spy film, said he is not a lover of man's best friend.

Taron said: "I like dogs, I just don't choose to spend time with them. You know what, it's something I've really only admitted to myself in the last couple of years: I think that I'm a bit scared of them."

He acts opposite co-star JB, a pug, in the film. Speaking of his canine co-star, he said: "JB is lovely, he's not always the best behaved of actors".

He referred to himself as a "cat man" and said he hopes to gain a "feline friend" should there be a sequel.

The 25-year-old Testament of Youth actor stars in Kingsman alongside Colin Firth, who plays Harry Hart, an older spy who takes Eggsy on as his protege. Along with the spy agency, they combat villain Richmond Valentine, an internet billionaire who is trying to take over the world.

They are joined on screen by Sir Michael Caine, Sofia Boutella, Samuel L Jackson, Mark Strong and Sophie Cookson.

Kingsman: Secret Service is directed by Kick Ass' Matthew Vaughn and co-written by Vaughn and Jane Goldman. It's based on the comic book The Secret Service, created by Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar.

The film opens in cinemas on Thursday January 29 2015.


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