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Taylor: Conjuring full of scares

Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston have said they think imagination is the key to a scary movie like The Conjuring.

The stars of the horror thriller set in an old farmhouse with a dark presence praised director James Wan for getting the scare factor just right.

Lili, who plays Carolyn Perron, said: "I came in thinking we had the ingredients for a really great horror movie because I love scary movies, but they are not done well a lot. I just thought wow, [James Wan] is going practical effects on this, he's not doing any CGI, it's all imagination."

She said she thought that was the secret to a good horror film: "It's our imagination, that's where it's at. It's the thing we can't see... I think James is so smart, it's just glimmers, he just gives us little glimmers."

Ron, who plays Carolyn's husband Roger, said he felt sceptical about paranormal experiences: "I'm so sceptical, I'm sceptical of my own scepticism. In any given moment I'll have to stop and reconsider and go I don't know."

But he agreed that being unsure of what had really happened could make for a good fright flick.

He said: "I think we have a tendency to either say, 'Well I know what that was, it was nothing, it was swamp gas', or we'll have a tendency to say, 'Oh well I know what that was, it was the ghost of my Aunt Judy'. I think where the scare lies or the discomfort is when you can't put it in either category."

The Conjuring is released in cinemas on August 2.


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