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Ten questions that need to be answered after watching Redwater


Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie in Redwater

Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie in Redwater


Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie in Redwater

EastEnders has gone a bit Broadchurch in new spin-off series Kat and Alfie: Redwater and while many have been pleasantly surprised following the first episode, there are lots of questions that need answered.

The BBC drama premiered on Thursday and saw soap favourites Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie return as Kat and Alfie, who have arrived in the Irish village of Redwater in the hopes of finding Kat's long lost son.

With an engaging mystery shaping nicely within episode one, fans were shocked by a huge twist in the final moments and the viewers' theories began. Warning: Here be spoilers.

What's going on with the priest?

Up until the final moments of episode one Father Dermott Dolan was apparently the pillar of the community - the man everyone turned to for advice and guidance, while he enjoyed a pint and a joke down the pub.

It all went a bit wrong when he was revealed to be Kat's long lost son and then he went a committed murder.

It's not ideal, Father.

So what's his story? Why is he so murderous? And what's his issue with orange juice?


Star cast: Shane Richie, Fionnula Flanagan, Ebony O'Toole Achempong, Ian McElhinney and Jessie Wallace

Star cast: Shane Richie, Fionnula Flanagan, Ebony O'Toole Achempong, Ian McElhinney and Jessie Wallace


Star cast: Shane Richie, Fionnula Flanagan, Ebony O'Toole Achempong, Ian McElhinney and Jessie Wallace

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Is Father Dermott really Kat's son?

Many viewers felt the reveal of his identity so early on was a red herring and no doubt we will be taken on a rollercoaster of revelations over the course of the series.

We hope this is true for Kat's sake. She's had enough to deal with without adding killer son to her list.

What is Agnes hiding?

Whatever questions Kat has, Agnes definitely has the answers. Irish actress Fionnula Flanagan does a good 'I have a secret' face and no doubt she's the key to the mystery.

Is there more to the boating accident?

The flash back scene at the start of the episode gave a bit of insight into the past of a number of characters but viewers felt there was more to be told.

For example, did Dermott let go of his mother's hand on purpose?

Is Kat the world's worst person at keeping a secret?

Pretty much. Her jittery behaviour when talking to the locals was enough to raise suspicion, but then she went and blabbed the whole story of why she and Alfie are in Redwater to Lance Byrne on the first night of their arrival.

Will there be more from Andrew Kelly?

Despite being told Dermott is Kat's son, viewers are not 100% convinced that Andrew Kelly should be ruled out.

Being Agnes' grandson, a shock or two is probably in store in the future and even though attention was drawn away from Andrew, we wouldn't be surprised if that was a sneaky ploy from the show's writers.

Do old men in rural Irish villages really ride a horse instead of walking or driving a car?

Redwater premiered in the Republic of Ireland on Sunday and many took to social media to express their disbelief over Irish stereotypes being portrayed.


BBC/Patrick Redmond

Lance riding a horse about the village was a particular favourite.

Which bring us to the next question, is it a requirement to drink pints and whiskey chasers in any Irish pub?

Apparently so. That's what you do. Don't question it.

Are the twins OK?

Kat and Alfie arrived in Redwater with their son Tommy in tow, with Kat conveniently explaining the twins' absence by saying they were "too little" to come with them on the family holiday.

Not really sure that's a valid excuse Kat. Who have you left them with? Are they fully qualified childminders? Why couldn't you just bring them?

And finally, was that a whale?

Yes, that was a whale.

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