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Tennant: Kids outshone me on film

David Tennant has admitted he had to take a backseat to his young co-stars in the film What We Did On Our Holiday.

The Broadchurch star plays a harassed dad pretending he is still living with the mother (Rosamund Pike) of his three young children to keep up appearances when they visit his elderly father (Billy Connolly), in the comedy from Outnumbered creators Guy Jenkin and Andy Hamilton.

At the film's premiere, he said of child stars Bobby Smalldridge, Emilia Jones and Harriet Turnball: "They were so much better than us, they're the stars of the film. We know from Guy and Andy's work on Outnumbered that their great talent is just allowing kids to be and be free and to act like kids act, which you never get to see in TV and film. You never get to really see kids being kids, and you get that in this film.

"They taught us everything really, they were fantastic."

David also praised his co-star Rosamund, saying of their characters: "T hey're navigating this weird pretending to be a family for the sake of the children and the sake of those around them, whereas in actual fact they just want to claw each other's eyes out.

"I suppose it could be quite difficult, but Rosamund's so easy to act with and was a joy to be around."

He continued: "I think we felt like a family quite early on, it felt quite easy, because Guy and Andy know how to create that atmosphere. That's what they write about brilliantly, family life, it's perceptive in a way you just don't get anywhere else. That's a real, rare talent."

What We Did On Our Holiday is released in cinemas on September 26.


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