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Tensions rise on Love Island as Yewande is left enraged by rival Arabella

Danny Williams is caught between two women in the villa.

Caroline Flack presents Love Island, where tensions are rising (PA)
Caroline Flack presents Love Island, where tensions are rising (PA)

Yewande Biala was left incensed after a confrontation with rival Arabella Chi on Love Island.

Danny Williams was the subject of competing affections from the two contestants, which led to tension in the villa.

Following a chat initiated by model Arabella, the currently coupled Yewande launched into a furious tirade.

She took exception to accusations she was being “territorial” after showing affection by sitting on Danny while he was talking to her love rival.

After storming off from a heated conversation with Arabella, Yewande told others in the villa: “I am f****** fuming. I’m fuming. I am f****** livid.

“She said I was being territorial over him.

“I feel like the crazy in me is going to start coming out today. Because I know I’m a crazy bitch.”

Arabella had taken issue with the sudden affection shown by Yewande towards Danny since her arrival in the villa.

She told Yewande: “I was quite shocked by that behaviour.

“You literally just sat on him. It’s a little bit territorial. Is that really showing affection?”

Yewande was not the only contestant to vent her anger, as Amy Hart was left enraged by a challenge on the show.

Her partner Curtis Pritchard gave Arabella 10 out of 10 in a blind kissing competition, infuriating his partner Amy.

But the pair later solidified their relationship on a one-on-one date.



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