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Tensions to mount as EastEnders’ Lisa refuses to leave Louise in hospital

This week’s episode will see Lisa continue to cause trouble as she battles her way back into Louise’s life.

Tensions will continue to rise in EastEnders as Lisa refuses to leave Louise’s side in hospital.

Pictures released ahead of this week’s episodes show former partners Lisa Fowler (Lucy Benjamin) and Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) clashing in the ward as their daughter continues to battle through her injuries.

Arguments come to a head between Lisa and Phil (BBC/PA)

Lisa returned to the show for the first time in more than 10 years last week when Louise (Tilly Keeper) was rushed to hospital following the incident at her school prom.

Despite Phil’s objections to her sticking around, Lisa will not be swayed and show writers have hinted that she will be more than prepared to fight for a place in Louise’s life.

Benjamin recently told how her character’s temporary return would spell “fireworks” for the pair, whose explosive relationship came to a final head in the early Noughties with Lisa’s involvement in the “who shot Phil” mystery.

She also said that her comeback would cause a stir for Phil’s current partner Sharon (Letitia Dean), also pictured.


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