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The Fall series three bows out in violent and dramatic climax

'For better or for worse Operation Musicman comes to a close'

By Claire Williamson

The Fall series three may have been branded a slow burner- but the finale certainly woke up viewers as it reached its explosive climax.

The hit BBC crime drama's final episode was tasked with tying up a lot of loose ends and fans were braced to finally find out the fate of serial killer Paul Spector.

The show stars Holywood's Jamie Dornan as serial killer Spector and X-Files FBI agent Gillian Anderson as tough-talking detective Gibson.

Gibson, seconded to Belfast from the Metropolitan Police, is tasked to sniff out serial killer Spector who stalks the city streets for his female prey.

Speaking previously about the long-awaited series three, Dornan said: "You can expect the unexpected. There's quite remarkable turns in the third season that I really genuinely think people won't see coming that are hugely exciting."

And that certainly came into fruition on Friday night as the final episode aired.

In a double bill special over Thursday and Friday night the programme came to a dramatic and violent end.

With Spector very much alive on Thursday night - viewers were given a miserable insight into what perhaps turned him into the killer that has graced our screens for three series.

The penultimate episode gave a harrowing look at the life of a young Spector, which detailed the suicide of his mother when he was 8-years-old and the subsequent abuse he suffered in a care home.

It was difficult viewing as the audience listened in on Spector's conversation with the psychologist.

We learned how Spector grew up being jealous of the happy lives of others and in an unexpected twist Spector was implicated in to the killing of a woman in London in 2002, a time before his supposed amnesia.

The serial killer claims he can't remember any of the heinous crimes he has committed and thinks he is in 2006 - but a quizzing from Stella on Thursday night appeared to jog his memory.

Gibson says: "Drop the charade Peter, you remember everything".

In the final episode there was no waiting around as Spector and Gibson came face to face for the last time.

Their cat and mouse game came to a violent and unexpected head with Dornan's character attacking the detective leaving her with a bloodied face.

Spector is then returned to hospital where he puts his final plan into action.

He convinces a fellow patient to create a distraction so he can slip away from the watch of the nurses.

And in a dramatic and unsettling climax to the series which has gripped the nation - the final life the serial killer takes is his own.

The finale brings Dornan's involvement on the show to an end.

The Holywood man owes a lot to the character and previously said he would play the sinister role until his "dying days" if he could.

He said: "You know, that job changed my life.

"They're like family to me and I'm forever grateful for it to be a part of my life and, you know, I would play that character to my dying days if I had the opportunity."

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