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The Force is with Star Wars as movie proves a record blockbuster

Star Wars: The Force Awakens recorded more than three million euro sales in Ireland in just five days, business analysts said.

Cinemas had a blockbuster Christmas and the rest of the economy saw growing consumer spending throughout last year.

A record 16% increase in online shopping in December supported a 6.6% rise in expenditure, according to Visa Europe.

Conor Langford, Ireland country manager of Visa Europe, said: "Cinemas in particularly benefited from the release of the latest Star Wars blockbuster, which recorded over three million euro in sales in five days alone.

"Overall it capped off a very positive 12 months as rising levels of consumer spending continued to contribute to economic growth."

Mr Langford said the latest growth in December was an extremely positive milestone for the economy as there was a year-on-year rise in consumer spending every month during 2015.

A number of categories were boosted this month due to festive spending, with consumers buying gifts and enjoying themselves over the break.

The new Star Wars film generated 836,845 euro in ticket sales by cinema-goers on its opening day alone, which represents a new Irish record.


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