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The Journey: Release date set at last for McGuinness, Paisley film

By Noel McAdam

It's called The Journey - and the trip to the cinema for the film about the friendship between DUP leader Rev Ian Paisley and Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness has been quite a trek.

But at last there is a cinema release date for the long-awaited film charting how two sworn enemies in Ulster politics became known as the Chuckle Brothers, according to its local author Colin Bateman.

Bangor-based screenwriter Bateman revealed on his Facebook page: "I'm pleased to report that after what feels like a long time - but quite standard for the film business - there's finally news of The Journey's release in the UK and Ireland."

The movie will be out on Friday, June 30.

And it has already been lined up for a major award, with Colm Meaney who plays McGuinness to Timothy Spall's Paisley nominated as best actor at the Irish Film and Television Awards in Dublin next month.

Rights to distribute the film in the UK and Ireland have been acquired by Swen.

It will mark its first UK release after a release into the US market.

In America the film has been picked up by top distributors IFC Films, which is also expected to release it around the middle of this year.

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