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The Rock returning to wrestling

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson may be racking up the movie roles, but the star has revealed he is returning to his wrestling roots.

The actor - whose latest movie Journey 2: The Mysterious Island has just topped 300 million dollars in worldwide grosses - is heading back to the WWE for his first WrestleMania match since 2004, when he takes on former champion John Cena on April 1.

"I came back to put on the biggest match of all time," he said. "That's all I want to do. There's no one I can do that with right now other than John. He's far and above everyone else in terms of popularity. He's the guy. Is he Stone Cold? No. Is he Hogan? No. But he is John Cena and he's been on top for a long time now."

However, the star also has several films in the pipeline. He just wrapped GI Joe: Retaliation and begins filming Michael Bay's Pain & Gain, with Mark Wahlberg, on April 3. He also has starring roles lined up for Fast Six and Hercules.

The Rock revealed he would like to shed the invincible hero role for once and grapple with a meatier, dramatic role.

"A role like that will come," he said. "I can't wait for that to come, by the way. We'll develop things. I'm patient."


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