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Theron: I gave McGregor film job

Charlize Theron has revealed how she offered a Ewan McGregor a role in her new film, before running it past director Seth MacFarlane.

The Oscar-winning South African actress, who stars in comedy A Million Ways To Die In The West, made the spontaneous move after seeing Ewan shoot Jane Got A Gun nearby.

"He just came to say hello, and I was like, 'Do you want to be in our movie?'" she told Collider. "He was in a Western, and he was already in hair and make-up from his movie. We just threw him in."

Ewan makes a cameo in Seth's comedy Western, alongside Liam Neeson, Amanda Seyfried and Neil Patrick Harris.

Seth said: "I was like, 'S**t, you've already offered that to him?!' He's got that beard and moustache, which he wore for Jane Got A Gun, so a lot of people don't necessarily know that it's him because the gag is so quick."

Charlize also revealed she got star-struck by Taken star Liam on set.

"There's was definitely a feeling of 'Liam's here. I saw his car by his trailer. Is he here? Is he coming to set?' I tried to be cool when I first met him. He's just one of the sweetest guys I've ever been around," she said.

The 38-year-old actress added: "He's just fantastic. He's not just a one-dimensional actor, no matter what he does. I think that's why people are so endeared by him, and why you emotionally tap into him, no matter what he plays.

"He plays the baddie in this so convincingly, but there's a realness about him. He's always coming from a place of understanding and empathy. It's not plastered or mechanical."

A Million Ways To Die In The West opens on May 30.


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