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Theroux's love of villainous roles

Justin Theroux has revealed he relishes playing baddies - because you can have a tantrum.

The actor-director, who is dating Jennifer Aniston, played evil wizard king Leezar in Your Highness alongside Natalie Portman, James Franco and Zooey Deschanel.

"Bad guys are great because you just come in and shout, muster up a little speech and then zap someone and go out. And I must say that it has been a brilliant experience. I've got to play like a ten-year-old boy, basically," he told OK!

Justin admitted he was inspired by Gary Oldman's performance as Dracula.

"I knew that if I could improve on his techniques and acting, then frankly we'd have a hit on our hands! No, we watched that and we somewhat stole from that, just enough to know we won't get accused of plagiarism," he continued.

With roles in Zoolander, Mulholland Drive and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle under his belt, the 40-year-old - the cousin of documentary maker Louis - is eager to do more directing after helming Dedication in 2007.

"Writing is probably more satisfying. Directing, I have only done once but I would like to do some more," he said.

"It is deeply satisfying to make all the decisions... Acting is just more concentrated fun, especially on something like Your Highness where it is such a fun comedy. And it is really fun."


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