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This Morning descends into chaos as Phillip Schofield has run-in with alpacas

An animal started to spit in his face.


This Morning welcomed two alpacas (ITV/PA)

This Morning welcomed two alpacas (ITV/PA)

This Morning welcomed two alpacas (ITV/PA)

This Morning descended into chaos with star Holly Willoughby on the floor in hysterics as Phillip Schofield had a close encounter with two alpacas.

The daytime TV presenters were joined by animals Pete and Spitfire on the show but had to return them to their handler when one started spitting in Schofield’s face.

Willoughby gave the alpacas a wide berth, saying “apparently they backfire, they kick out” but praised her co-host for his handling of the animals, saying: “You’re so good, that’s why you were Dolittle.”

Schofield played the doctor who learns to speak the language of various animals in the West End musical.

He replied: “Although it wouldn’t have spat in Dolittle’s face.”

Addressing Pete the alpaca, he said: “Don’t do it again! Once is OK, twice is unacceptable.

“Stop it! Don’t look at me like that. Pete! Stop it! Now calm down.”

Willoughby sank to the floor as she descended into fits of laughter, saying: “Can we have a few days with no animals in the studio please?

“Can we give them back? Come and grab your llamas. They are lovely and we will be getting to know them a little bit better, they are the sweetest things.”

Schofield added: “He was proper looking at me, he was going to do it again.”