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Thompson and Brosnan pack a punch

Emma Thompson has revealed how gleefully she tapped into her inner criminal when she did her own stunts in her latest film.

The Love Actually actress stars opposite Pierce Brosnan in Love Punch, about a divorced couple who lose their retirement fund and reunite to steal it back.

Dressed in a salmon pink dress and statement necklace, the 54-year-old swigged from a bottle of vodka on the red carpet at the movie's premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Speaking about her stunt driving in the flick, Emma said: "I told them that I've played good women in frocks for too long, I need to get into a car, I need to get some tattoos for crying out loud. It's time to live, it's time to be a criminal, that's what I want."

However, she's not convinced she could commit the perfect crime.

"I think I could be a criminal but a master one, I'm not so sure. I could be criminal, and often am and not found out, but I think I would get found out.

"I think I would need someone else to do the master bit, I would need my own Moriarty because I would do it then blurt it on the Tube."

Emma posed for pictures with Pierce at the Canadian film festival and joked about the torture of shooting the movie with him in the south of France.

"It was hell, he's very difficult, constant demands for facials and reflexology," she joked.

"We love each other, we had a great time and great chemistry. You can't put your fingers on it and why we have it but he's married, what can I do? It's sad."

The movie will arrive in UK cinemas on Boxing Day.


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