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Thor 2 stars storm LA red carpet

Chris Hemsworth confessed he has been overwhelmed by the support for the Thor sequel all over the world, as he attended the Hollywood premiere of the movie.

The Australian hunk and his co-stars have travelled the world promoting the latest instalment of the Marvel comic book movie, Thor: The Dark World and was joined on the red carpet in Los Angeles by fellow cast members including Tom Hiddleston, Sir Anthony Hopkins and Kat Dennings.

Chris said: "Every premiere I'm blown away by the turn out and the fan following and to have this kind of success and affection with the films is nuts, and each time it shocks me."

The actor admitted it's good to see people wearing Thor T-shirts, and joked: "And when they wear Loki it's a little more upsetting!

Tom Hiddleston confessed he enjoyed playing Thor's evil brother Loki.

"He has been a character that dances on a tightrope between good and evil and the fun for me is playing that duality," he said.

Sir Anthony Hopkins, 75, revealed how much he enjoyed working with the younger stars, and said they helped him to stay fit.

"To be part of working with young actors, it's great. I'm old enough to be their grandfather and yet they employ me so I just go along with it!" he exclaimed.

And Kat, who plays scientist Darcy Lewis, hopes she might see some action in the next movie.

"Luckily I didn't have to get in shape for this movie, because Darcy is a regular normal person... I want an excuse to get really cut and learn martial arts. Maybe if Darcy comes back in another movie I'll learn MMA or something!" she laughed.


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