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Thor costumes tired Hopkins out

Sir Anthony Hopkins has revealed how his heavy outfits in Thor tired him out.

The Oscar-winning actor plays ruler Odin in Kenneth Branagh's big-screen adaptation of the Marvel superhero comic Thor, which involves wearing weight-laden armour as costumes.

"It's a bit difficult to move around because they had steep steps - that was quite tiring because it's about twenty-five to thirty pounds you're carrying around with you all day and you can't really take much of a rest," he told Collider.

"I saw the designs of the sets and what I was going to wear when I went down to the studio down at Manhattan Beach. I saw what they were going to put on me and all that and I thought, 'Oh wow'. So when they dressed me up I thought, 'Well OK, I'm a god now..."

Anthony, who next appears in horror movie The Rite, is impressed with Thor, which stars Chris Hemsworth as the titular character.

"It's a big, big movie. Branagh's extraordinary, how he directed that and put that together, I don't know," he continued.

"It's a grand passion. It's about gods so you have to do a little bit of Shakespearian acting to play a god."

Thor will be released in UK cinemas on April 27.


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