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Tilda reveals Snowpiercer makeover

Tilda Swinton has revealed details of her dramatic transformation for her new movie Snowpiercer.

The Adaptation actress sports an unattractive wig and false teeth for her portrayal of Mason in the post-apocalyptic thriller, where the world's only survivors live on a train that travels around the globe.

The movie was the opening night gala premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival and Tilda discussed her physical transformation on the red carpet in downtown Los Angeles.

Asked about removing her false teeth as part of the film, she said: "It is a cheap trick but it works every time.

"They are not stuck in, it's such a pantomime costume, I could put it on in a second. I've got it right here," she joked.

"The nose was slightly stuck on, then the teeth, big old glasses and hair like a hat."

The 53-year-old actress walked the red carpet with her 36-year-old German boyfriend Sandro Kopp.

Speaking about taking on the project, she said: "I heard about it before I read the script and thought yes, I want to see it, I want to see anything director Joon Ho Bong does in the kitchen. I knew the graphic novel already and I knew anything that would capture him would capture me."

Snowpiercer will premiere in the UK at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on June 22.


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